We combined the loans with my husband – Consolidation of Loans

We and my husband had been together for some time when we started planning to buy a new car.

We made different calculations and decided that we should apply for a loan to buy a car.

Explore various loan options


As the loan itself was not in a hurry, we were able to explore various loan options. After researching the matter online, we decided to read about loan consolidation.

We read about the benefits of a combination of loans and began to wonder if it might be useful in our situation.

Since we both had some previous loans, we decided to combine them all now, while taking out a new car loan.

We carefully added the two loans together and added the car loan we needed. At this point, we knew how much loan we needed to make it possible to combine the loans.

Now we didn’t know where we were going to apply for that new loan. We tried to compare the loan services ourselves, but it turned out to be a very time consuming and difficult task.

Loan consolidation service


We then came across Good Finance Consolidation, which said it was a loan consolidation service. This, then, was the service we ended up using.

Through them, we reached out to many different banks and financial services, and all we had to do was apply for one loan. We actually got many good loan deals because we applied for a loan together.

We read earlier that it is much easier to get a loan when we apply for a loan together. We also got a really good rate on the loan, compared to our previous loans, which we had applied for alone.

Interest and costs of the new loan

Interest and costs of the new loan

After the combination of the loans, the interest and costs of the new loan will be significantly lower than those of the previous loans. Our monthly installments declined even though we took out a car loan while consolidating our previous loans. Now we have more money per month to save for a bad day.


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